Former Club President and Charter Member Tuck Raisor
Inducted into the National Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame 2003
by Scott Taylor

The National Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame inducted new members  on August 22nd, 2003 in Muhlenberg County with a a grand musical celebration and hoopla including some real thunder and lightning.  The event planned and attempted outdoors at Paradise Park in Powderly, Ky, had to be moved inside to the adjacent Convention Center as the thunderstorm grew, threatened, then opened up.
Kentucky's own Quintis "Tuck" Raisor was inducted into the Hall of Fame joining other deceased inductees and his mentors such as Chet Atkins and Merle Travis.  Tuck was one of the founding members of the Kentucky Thumbpickers Club and president of the Club for many years. 
Tuck was an ambassador of thumbpicking as he spread the word everywhere he went.  Several of our members and others credit Tuck as the first person they saw live playing "Travis style" and it opened their eyes.  Most folks remember Tuck's kidlike jovial smile and attitude most.  So many people met Tuck through the Club and through the CAAS community and knew him as a fine picker and Christian man.  I know of no other person who was not a "Star" or notable professional musician who influenced as many pickers as Tuck.  Since I did not listen to Merle and Chet growing up, I have learned many of their great tunes from club members and friends like Tuck.  Many Chet songs to me will always conjure up images of Tuck instead.  I have not heard Poor People of Paris yet that I don't get a bit melancholy thinking of Tuck and his picking parties.
Eddie Pennington, Maurice Jones, Tommy Owen and Joe Edwards were all inducted this year into the Hall of Fame.  All four new inductees were present and played for the sizable audience that braved the weather and persevered the change of venue.  Joe play live along with his pre-recorded backup parts and was joined by his lovely wife Jan as vocalist.  Tommy and Maurice played as Travis as ever and they are well known favorites in Muhlenberg County.  Eddie and his son, Alonzo picked a quasi-medley that would probably be called something like "Dueling Travis Songs" with bits of Dueling Banjo licks linking various Travis tunes.

Quintis E. "Tuck" Raisor

Living Thumb Pickers
Eddie Pennington
Maurice Jones
Tommy Owen
Joe Edwards

Deceased Thumb Pickers
Tuck Raisor

Supporting Musician
Mark Pritcher

Supporting Non-Musician
Rodney Kirtley
Bob Gates
Claude Travis, Jr.

Thumbpicker of the Year
Pat Kirtley

Horizon Award
Kyle Reeder

Thumbpicking Album of the Year
Steve Rector

Presidential Recoginition Awards
Freddie Russell
Howard Stone
Al HArris
Palmer Moore
Scott Taylor

We heard from others as they recieved their awards and made presentations to others.  Former Country Music Hall of Fame officer John Knowles presented an induction and performed.  John was a friend of Chet Atkins and helped arrange many of his recorded tunes.  National fingerstyle musician Pat Kirtley, CAAS president Mark Pritcher and KTPC officer Scott Taylor also performed and presented awards.  Thanks to all who helped plan and present this year's program.

He'll Always Be Remembered
As a man, both strong and good,
Who gave his best for others
And who did the best he could.

He'll Always Be Remembered
For all the joy he brought,
As a man who made a difference
And a man who meant a lot